Political coaching and coaching A to Z, with Claudie Stolz. Training sessions of two to three hours a day, two or three days a week.

Our mission is to situate the student in ideal conditions to build or rebuild confidence in him/herself.

Feeling good about yourself helps you to

  • Be more efficient at work
  • More inventive and creative
  • Identify your hang-ups
  • Define objectives
  • Defend your positions
  • Allow your personality to shine through

Target Students

  • Anyone having a job interacting with partners or collaborators
  • Anyone in contact with media and large crowds
  • Anyone needing to manage, direct or motivate
  • Anyone wanting to evolve in their professional career

“Become Who You Are”

  • Developing confidence
  • Controlling stage fright
  • Learning to concentrate quickly
  • Increasing your power to work
  • Affirming your presence and charisma
  • Advancing by structured steps
  • Learning how to deal with contradiction without losing control

“Want What You Want”

Teaching Self-Control

  • Situations of spoken contradiction: (televised debates, business conventions)
  • The preparation and message of a speech

The Art of Improvisation

  • How to respond quickly, have confidence, tone of voice, active listening, flow
  • Becoming aware of your hang-ups

Strengthen Your Charisma

Definition : a person able to influence large groups of people thanks to the gift of an exceptional power of seduction.

  • Presentation
  • Daring to look at others and holding their gaze. A practical exercise which helps to discern who is who
  • Styling (with video and photos)

Getting Rid of Your Hang-Ups

  • Sound volume capacity
  • Positioning your body

Managing Stress

  • Learning to hide it
  • Being capable to manage information and equally capable of hiding it


  • Telling stories
  • Captivating your audience
  • Unleashing desire
  • Selling your story

The Verbatim

  • What you are
  • The image you want to portray of yourself
  • The image others have of you

Setting Up Your Social Network and Digital Presence

  • Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin
  • Creation of a manifesto, blogs, symposiums